Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.


There is deliberately very little description in the book. There is a chandelier in the pub. That’s about it. Even the name of the pub, The Red Lion, the most common pub name in Britain, is designed to be any pub. Specifically, the reader’s favourite or ideal pub, so they can imagine the place that they know in their minds eye. We don’t know Dan’s age, although we can work it out to some extent, nor his hair colour, nor how anyone looks or any place looks. This is partly because appearance is not important to Dan and it is his eyes through which we look at this world. Also, I want to give the impression that this pub could be available for anyone and the happiness and tragedies that occur to the people within it could also happen to anyone too. That’s also why the nature of Dan’s Dad’s illness is not specified as early onset. I do not want anyone to feel excluded from this story by living slightly different experiences.

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