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Grant Wickham

Grant Wickham illustrator

Grant designed the cover for both ‘Collapse of the Wave’ and ‘Another English Civil War’ and has provided artwork for this website too. He brings a great passion to his work. The attention to detail, his knowledge of the source material and the palettes required to bring that out in the artwork, and his all-round good nature all make Grant a great choice for any author wishing to have a cover made. See more of his work here.


The British Guild of Beer Writers

British Guild of Beer Writers

The Beer Guild aims to improve the standards of beer writing and extend the public knowledge of beer, and Mark is a member. Find out more here.



Campaign for Real Ale CAMRA

The Campaign for Real Ale. Hugely responsible in the protection and development of the British Brewing industry, and now champions of the community pub. They run pretty darn fine beer festivals too. Find out more here.


Telling It…

Telling It... Spoken word

‘Telling It…’ is a group of writers and actors, running regular spoken word shows, primarily based in Cambridgeshire. They aim to create fun literary events. I run these shows every once in a while, when not writing. These events to date have included such writers as Jamie Delano, Guinevere Glasfurd, Eva Jordan, Andy, Thornton, Jane E James, Ian Andrew, Georgia Rose, Bob Elvis, Jaqueline Watts, Ian Whates, Helen Gould, Fifi Fanshawe, Alison Dawes, Richard Storey and Alison Bruce. New writers are welcome to get in touch and join us. Follow the link to our Facebook page and say hello.


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