Another English Civil War

So where can we find Dan this time?

No surprises, he is down the pub again. But who can blame him? It’s been a particularly rough time of late, and The Red Lion sure can be a place of sanctuary when you need to get away from yourself. Well, it would be as long as it actually manages to stay open, and as long as ghosts of the past don’t turn up without warning. At least his friends are still there to get a round in and listen to his problems. If only he could find a way to tell them what they are.

The prospect of losing your pub and losing your mind are equally frightening for this drinker. If only something could be done about either. And if only relationships were as simple as ordering a pint.

Following on from ‘Collapse of the Wave’, ‘Another English Civil War’ takes another look at contemporary British life through the prism of the pub and the lives of the people who inhabit them.

Tales from The Red Lion Part 2 – Another English Civil War

Another English Civil War

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‘Tales from The Red Lion’ is a series of books largely set in a British pub. It could be any pub really, and hopefully reminds you of yours, hence why I used the most common pub name in the country, The Red Lion. The books highlight slices of contemporary British life, seen through the eyes of our narrator Dan, one particularly enthusiastic devotee of this establishment. Dan not only can wallow in his own problems after one too many, but also loves to seek out the stories of others who inhabit these four walls. As the drinks flow, even these repressed Brits begin to reveal to us the successes and failures, the hopes and the fears that form their real lives, hidden behind the default sober, stoic façade that they brought in with them.

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Praise for ‘Another English Civil War’ – Tales from the Red Lion part 2

“Dan, this ‘guy that drinks in a pub’ one of my favourite literary characters. Ever. Perhaps it is because I knew so many like him in real life.”

“A deceptively clever novel on the importance of friendship and how we make decisions in life…an entertaining and amusing read, with nonetheless a subtle theme of the problems of concealed male mental health issues…”

“Five out of five, a beautifully written story with multiple layers that takes it far beyond a tale of a guy who goes down the pub.”

“All in all, rather a lovely novel.”

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