I occasionally try my hand at some Performance Poetry. You can follow what I am up to in the world of verse here.

30 July 2021 – Recordings in Progress

I am in the progress of preparing my first performance poetry video for my Mark Fryday You Tube Channel, which will include some accompanying music by my musical collaborator, Chris Lewis. I write poems to be heard rather than read, so want this to be the first way that people experience them. Further announcements soon…

27 July 2021 – I performed ‘Use your Words’ and ‘I forget’ at the St Ives Poetry club today, at the excellent new Riverport Cafe in the St Ives Corn Exchange in Cambridgeshire. This was the first time ‘I forget’ has been performed in public and I was humbly heartened by all the kind words that followed my performance. I always aim to move people (not out the door though) so it was lovely to get that kind of response.

Thanks to Chris Morgan for the invite. For anyone else in the area who are interested in performing or just enjoying the poetry, the St Ives Poetry Club meets each month at the St Ives Corn Exchange.